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Charge System Solutions

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Troubleshooting the Charging System.

There are multiple causes that can result in your Tesla not supporting charging.

Determining exactly the cause and its solution can sometimes be complex.

Troubleshooting Slow Charging System in AC: Level 1 and Level 2:

To identify any fault associated with charging the vehicle, we must carry out an evaluation and prepare an EV Intelligent Report.

Usually, the diagnostics do not indicate the exact cause of the problem, but they do show the direction in which to look for the problem.

When the charging port led turns red, it means the charging process has stopped. Simultaneously, an alert will appear on the user interface screen.

A failure can occur due to something as common as a power outage, but charging may also not be supported due to multiple problems of electronic or software origin.


Troubleshooting Fast Charging on DC:

There are several reasons why your Tesla cannot charge with superchargers.

Basically, all the reasons are largely related to failures in the high voltage system.

To determine the exact cause of the problem you must perform a thorough system evaluation.

When your vehicle does not accept charging, it is advisable to have it serviced quickly to avoid, if possible, running out of charge.

Letting the battery charge go below 10% can unbalance the battery and then incur in higher repair costs.

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