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***Now Open to the Public***

Under the supervision of Fernando Augeri – CEO and Founder of CISE Electronics Corporation and recognized international specialist in HV and HEV – the Hybrid & Electric Research Division is now open to the public.


***Ahora abierto al público***

Bajo la supervición de Fernando Augeri - Director y fundador de Cise Electronics Corporation y reconocido especialista en HV y HEV - la división de investigación de Vehículos Híbridos y Eléctricos esta abierta al publico.

In 1992, Fernando Augeri founded CISE Electronica in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

At the beginning of the '90's, with the arrival of vehicles equipped with electronic systems, Augeri - with a broad background in electronics and a great passion for teaching - glimpsed the need to dictate classes for automotive technicians, guiding them to acquire knowledge in electronics and practices in the repair and service of these new vehicles.

He developed specialized short courses with easy-to-learn techniques which quickly became well known in the local automotive business. Classes for trainers were given, as well. All class material was researched, developed and written at CISE.

These specialized automotive classes quickly transformed into training programs, initially in electronic fuel injection systems; a very important topic in the '90's to help reduce fuel consumption, a need that was becoming a worldwide requirement.

Later on, with vehicles in the streets highly equipped with electronic systems (ECUS = Electronic Control Unit Systems), he designed multiple study programs based on different automotive electronic systems.

This increasing development in the region made technicians from other Latin American countries become interested in receiving classes imparted by CISE Electrónica.

His trainings became well known not only in Argentina (his homeland) but also abroad, where he was invited to dictate seminars and conferences.

As of today, Mr. Augeri has been teaching for almost 30 years in many Latin American countries and Spain.

From 1996 until 2001, CISE organized international trips to the United States with students from Argentina, interested in learning about the latest advances in automotive electronics, as well as purchasing diagnostic equipment in the US.

In 1999, Fernando Augeri was invited to participate in the "FORD/AAA Auto Skills Contest" an automotive competition organized by Ford, AAA and the ASE at Washington D.C.

Mr. Augeri attended with his students and in the year 2000, they obtained the maximum international award. This recognition speaks clearly of the level of preparation of his students, an important factor that was acknowledged by the authorities of the competition and other international entities.

With this recognition and support demonstration (For his pioneer work in Argentina and neighbour countries) Mr. Augeri was motivated by some American colleagues to open a subsidiary of CISE Electrónica - Argentina in the United States.

In 2001, CISE Electronics Corporation was registered in the State of Florida, as a subsidiary corporation of CISE Electrónica - Argentina.

In 2002, the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence ASE selected Fernando Augeri to present the Bilingual ASE Exams (Spanish) for the entire nation, in two conferences given in Miami Dade and Broward, Florida. These bilingual written exams were offered nationwide from 2002 to 2012.

The demand for training was progressive and sustained. Cise training services were requested along Latin America and its expansion continued, which led to the formation of Cise's representatives in different countries and a network of international instructors, all trained by Fernando Augeri.

Starting in 2004 and until today, CISE Electronics has expanded its services to Colombia, Mexico, Chile, Bolivia, Ecuador, Venezuela, Panama, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Paraguay, Puerto Rico and Spain teaching in educational institutions, colleges, companies, universities and in government programs for independent and dealerships technicians, automotive engineers, and instructors.

From 2006 until 2009 CISE was hired by FORD Motors Argentina to design and create a nationwide Training Program in Automotive Diagnostics for FORD. This program was exclusively for the best technicians at each FORD Dealership in Argentina.

New and updated topics as well as training methods are constantly developed at CISE. Starting in 2011, Online Classes are given LIVE through a TV channel via internet. Participants can ask questions and evacuate doubts through a chat, with LIVE answers from the trainers at the middle and at the end of each class.

The annual "Master Program in Automotive Electronics" was created in 2007 and is updated each year. It has a total of 160 Hour Training Class which includes classroom classes and LIVE online classes.

In 2013, Mr. Augeri was distinguished as a Personality of Extraordinary Abilities by the US Government, for having achieved great successes and being amongst the best in his field.


Since 2008, Mr. Augeri is involved with the hybrid technology, developing a new Program: "Operation & Diagnosis of Hybrid & Electric Vehicles", among others. This new technology is presented as the only viable solution in a very short term to the problem of the consumption of hydrocarbons and the reduction of CO2 emissions.

There is no doubt that this technological change encloses a challenge for those who will be in charge of their repair and also, for their consumers.

These new vehicles are radically changing the current concept of the operation and maintenance of an automobile. An automobile that does not require fuel, oils, liquids and has an important presence of more sophisticated electric and electronic equipments.

Fernando Augeri and his staff are transmitting this new knowledge with training methods and special programs to technicians who wish to learn; as well as collaborating in the success of the reconditioning of hybrid batteries, with a special equipment designed and manufactured at CISE in 2016, that simplifies and solves this problem.

Since 2013 Cise Electronics has been working with electric vehicles, developing research and creating study material.

As of 2021 we have been involved in the study of TESLA vehicles.



Cise Electronics Corp.
12920 SW 128th Street - Suite 4 and 5

Miami - Florida 33186
Phone: +1 786 293 1094

Whatsapp: +1 786 580 1941



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